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The NYC Downlow exists in the space where art and music collide. It is an ever-changing artwork/club that was created to fill a gaping void in the British music/festival scene. It’s a temporary, counter-cultural, in-your face, un-apologetically LGBTQ-specific phenomenon with a cult following.

Inspired by, and created to showcase excellence in homocentric dance music – vintage house, disco, soul and funk – the NYC Downlow first appeared at Glastonbury Festival in 2007 as a film-set replica of a ruined 1970’s Lower East Side tenement with an X-rated gay nightclub inside. The NYC Downlow has gone through many transformations and has now evolved into an authentic reproduction of a Meatpacker’s warehouse in the heart of New York’s seedy Meatpacking District circa 1982.

The NYC Downlow also features the cream of cutting-edge queer performance, a pansexual trans-army and motley crew of sexed-up go-go boy butchers, all set to a soundtrack provided by DJs from the international gay underground.

Featuring exclusive live recordings from the venue itself as well as mixes from our network DJs and allies around the planet, www.thenycdownlow.com is where The NYC Downlow can be found 24 hrs a day, all year round.

Created by Block9, an arts organisation that focuses on large-scale, multi-disciplinary installations and artworks, the NYC Downlow comes alive every year at Glastonbury Festival. This temporary reality is testament to Block9’s artistic commitment: to push boundaries and create new experiences that provoke, challenge and inspire participants in explosive live environments.


Moustaches Save Lives

www.thenycdownlow.com is managed by The Downlow Radio – a charitable limited company which raises money for good causes through the sharing of music. Income streams include (but are not limited to):

  • The collection of donations (and the giving of stick-on moustaches) at The NYC Downlow
  • The sale of merchandise online and at live events
  • Online advertising

Since 2007 more than £80,000 has been given to good causes including:

  • Vision Zambia – For the The Mother of Mercy, a Zambian HIV/AIDS hospice and orphanage.
  • Medecins Sans Frontieres – Providing medical aid where it is needed most
  • Human Dignity Trust – Challenging legislation that criminalises consensual sexual activity between same sex adults in West Africa, West Indies & Caribbean
  • HIV AIDS Alliance – Advancing combination HIV prevention
  • Disasters Emergency Committee – Helping those impacted by disaster around the world
  • Sexual Minorities Uganda – SMUG advocates for the protection and promotion of human rights of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Ugandans
  • Sea Watch – Rescuing refugees and migrants attempting to cross the Mediterranean Sea


Keep listening. Keep giving. x